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The universe awaits
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The background animation starts with a black background that transitions the Giant Magellan Telescope's enclosure doors from their closed state, opening up to show its interior, with the telescope mount front and center against the Atacama Desert background.
As you scroll further, the animation dives into a primary mirror, taking us to a view of the night sky—slowly zooming into it before animating further to show a planetary system with a gas giant on the left, a star in the center, and an Earth-like planet on the right that takes center stage as the page is scrolled down.
The planet is rapidly zoomed out when scrolled further to show an animated section of the night sky, with multiple galaxies visible. The galaxies are moved out of view to show a colorful gas cloud before zooming back out of the Giant Magellan Telescope's primary mirror. The telescope's whole structure (the Enclosure) is now visible face-on.

Meet the
The Giant Magellan Telescope is the most powerful telescope on Earth. It is designed to discover the unknown. With unmatched image quality, seven of the world’s largest mirrors will launch our view into the Universe to…
Find Earth-like planets and search for signs of life...
Investigate the cosmic origins of chemical elements and unlock the mysteries of dark matter and energy...
Peer back in cosmic time to explore the formation of the first stars, galaxies, and black holes.
Powerful by Design
The Giant Magellan Telescope has 50 million times the light gathering power of the human eye and will be up to 200 times more powerful than existing research telescopes.
Image Clarity and Size
The Giant Magellan Telescope will have the widest field of view with the best image quality of any extremely large telescope. It is also the only 30-meter class telescope with ground layer adaptive optics over a full field of view. This enables the telescope to see fainter objects with unrivaled resolution and sensitivity. The advantage is extremely powerful for spectroscopy and the precise measurements of distances, dynamics, chemistry, and masses of celestial objects in deep space.
Optical Supremacy
The Giant Magellan Telescope is the most optically efficient of all extremely large telescopes in the 30-meter class. Its optical design focuses on maximizing the light it collects by minimizing the light’s reflected path between mirrors, increasing data resolution and observing times.
Cost Efficiency
The Giant Magellan Telescope’s optical design keeps a compact total image size in the focal plane. This allows for smaller, better, and cheaper scientific instruments that can be developed more rapidly in response to new scientific opportunities.

A Giant Leap
in Size

Height, m
Blue Whale
Space Shuttle
Giant Magellan Telescope
Twin Magellan Telescopes
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Our Founders

The Giant Magellan Telescope is being built in the mountains of Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the best locations on Earth to explore the heavens. The extremely large telescope is the work of an international consortium of thirteen leading universities and research institutions.

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